A GUI for making custom gradients. The gradients are copied-to-clipboard as a Blend function which can be used e.g. with the ColorFunction option in graphics.

colorBlender is a user interface for designing custom Blend functions in the Wolfram Language.


Copy the colorBlender.m to either your $BaseDirectory/Applications or $UserBaseDirectory/Applications and load it with "<<colorBlender`".

Design and Usage


At the top, each control consists of, from left to right, a label of the current position (circled in green), a slider bar, a color slider, a vertical labeled slider to control opacity (circled in red), and an index to label that slider. Each slider control has a line that connects where in the blend it appears and is colored according to the selected color.

At the bottom is a preview of the color blend.

The panel in the lower-right has a setter bar to select a control.

  • "Remove color": removes the selected control
  • "Add color": adds a random control/color after the index
  • "Preset": a menu to change all colors/controls to an existing color gradient
  • "Copy to clipboard" copies the current state as a Blend function