BioFormatsLink extends Import to be able to import many image formats typically used in biology, particularly in microscopy. It interfaces with the BioFormats library.

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BVH Importer

Visualizes the content of BVH files. BVH files contain recorded motion data, and are visualized by a skeleton reproducing the recorded movements.

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CifImport imports a Crystallographic Information File (CIF). It also applies the symmetry operations of the crystal structure to the atoms in the file in order to construct the complete crystal structure.

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An Open Source Mathematica Package that provides a platform independent way to import HDF5 (.h5) file's datasets with compound datatypes while hiding much of the HDF5 implementation from the user.

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Importer for CERN ROOT Files

This package contains a Mathematica importer for CERN ROOT data files. The importer uses a MathLink program to dynamically load and use the ROOT libraries. In this package, we include the source files as well as Mathematica notebooks documenting the usage of this importer.

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Import finite element mesh to Mathematica (ElementMesh object) from other mesh generators. Currently supports "Abaqus", "Comsol", "Elfen" and "Gmsh".


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LZW decompressor

A package for decompressing LZW compressed data. It can read data compressed using the Unix compress command, i.e. .Z files, and integrates into Import[].

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Mathematica Import for HEYEX Raw Data

This is a Mathematica package to access HEYEX Raw files which can e.g. created from Optical Coherence Tomography scans of Heidelberg Spectralis products. The package incorporates its functionality directly into the Import-framework of Mathematica. Therefore, Heyex Raw files can be loaded by calling Import as specified in the Usage section.

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YAML importer built on SnakeYAML

Usage examples

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VaspImport imports crystal structures from various file types associated with the Vienna Ab-Initio Simulation Package (VASP). The package recognizes the following formats: POSCAR, CONTCAR, OUTCAR, XDATCAR, vasprun.xml. More information about VASP can be found on the official website,

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