Mathematica Auto-Backup

Backs up open note-books a regular intervals.

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The MathToolBox is further essential development of the package of the same name and contains more than 1420 means of different purpose which eliminate restrictions of a number of standard tools of the Mathematica system or complement their alonging with expanding Mathematica software with new tools. In this context, the package can serve as a certain additional tool of procedural and functional programming, especially useful in the numerous appendices where certain non-standard evaluations have to accompany programming. At that, tools presented in the given package have a direct relationship to certain principal questions of procedural and functional programming in the... Read more.

Wolfram Language Parser Library

This is a standalone parser library for Mathematica (Wolfram Language). The code for the parser is extracted from the Mathematica IntelliJ Plugin. All dependencies to the IntelliJ Platform are included and it can be used as command-line program without a running IntelliJ IDEA.

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