Imtek Mathematica Supplement

The IMTEK Mathematica Supplement, or IMS for short is an open source Mathematica add-on and provides a wealth of packages and tutorials from a variety of application areas, but with a strong focus on Finite Element Computations. The IMS is a continuous project at the Chair for Microsystem Simulation, Department for Microsystem Engineering (IMTEK), University of Freiburg, Germany. Website (not Github like the main link).

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Obtuse package

This package contains routines and tools for obtuse angle shadowing networks and distance-based interpolation between scattered, multidimensional points. Four variants of distance-based interpolation can be compared with (coordinate-based) 2D Delaunay interpolation. The Obtuse package adds five interpolation methods to the Mathematica Interpolation command: Delaunay interpolation, Voronoi interpolation, Shepard interpolation, RBF interpolation, ObtuseAngle interpolation.