A Dynamical Systems Package Running Under Mathematica This package contains routines for integrating and plotting solutions of systems of nonlinear ordinary differential equations. The package runs under Mathematica. The Mathematica code in the package is fully documented. There are 21 tutorial notebooks to give you a quick introduction to various features of DynPac. The titles of those tutorials give a brief summary of the scope of the package: Introduction to DynPac; Integration and Plotting (2D); Integration and Plotting (3D); Equilibrium and Stability; Local Solution Near Equilibrium Point; Comparison of Integration Methods; Periodic Solutions of Autonomous Systems; Periodic Solutions of Driven Systems;... Read more.


Used to draw phase portraits for two-dimensional autonomous dynamical systems.

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RQA - Recurrence Quantification Analysis

A suite of recurrence analysis algorithms for investigating dynamical systems ala Webber and friends.