Convert Mathematica cells to TeX code, retaining FrontEnd formatting.

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Format.m: C, FORTRAN77, Maple and TeX Code Generation Package

This package extends Mathematica's built-in format rules. Assignments to expressions and lists are now possible. The package adds definitions Assign, CAssign and FortranAssign and MapleAssign. Many shortcomings of the built-in formatting code have also been addressed, such as the limit on continuation lines in FORTRAN77 and assignments to Expressions. Code optimization is possible via the auxiliary function Experimental`OptimizeExpression and the option AssignOptimize. The options of Experimental`OptimizeExpression, such as OptimizationLevel, can also be passed to the Assign functions. The functions are primarily intended for use with the Splice command. When using Splice, the option FormatType->OutputForm should be specified. Interactive output within a Mathematica session is also possible (see also the AssignToFile option). All expressions are written... Read more.

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