mPower.m is a Mathematica package that interfaces with qhull and Power Diagram binaries to provide convex hull, Delaunay and Voronoi tessellations in 2D, 3D and higher dimensions, regular tetrahedralizations in 3D and computing vertices of power diagrams in 3D.

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RhinoLink is a package for interfacing with the Rhinoceros 3D modelling and CAD software, as well as its Grasshopper visual scripting extension.

With RhinoLink you can:

  • script Rhino with Wolfram Language code
  • create Grasshopper components that encapsulate Wolfram Language code
  • control Rhino content with Wolfram Language interfaces
  • source Rhino geometry from Mathematica
  • include Wolfram Language code directly in Grasshopper structures
  • use Rhino as a geometry server from Wolfram Language

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WuRittSolva is a standard application package for computer algebra system Mathematica(TM) developed by Liu Hua-Shan for mechanization mathematics education purpose at present. It introduces the Wu-Ritt Well-Order Principle and Zero-Decompostion Theorem as its key theory considering points, and has implemented the most operation for normal polynomials processing, such as fixing CLASS, MAIN VARIABLE, SEPARANT, POLYNOMIAL RANK, BASIC SET, CHARACTERISTIC SET and so on. What is more, it supplies smart functions for elementary geometry theorems proving, promising theorem proving in a smart way. It strongly advises that the polynomials appearing for functions in WuRittSolva are belong to polynomial ring K[u_1,u_2,...,u_n;x_1,x_2,...,x_n] such that... Read more.

Usage examples

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