Mathematica packages that enhance the graphics capabilities of Mathematica.


ColorBar is an interactive ColorFunction designer for Mathematica. It allows you to easily modify existing color functions, change colors or vary the blending fraction and get the final result in other applications. You can also use it directly inside a plotting function.

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A GUI for making custom gradients. The gradients are copied-to-clipboard as a Blend function which can be used e.g. with the ColorFunction option in graphics.

Usage examples

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CurvesGraphics6 is a package for drawing parametric, contour or stream curves, or text, on any surface in 3D. It can also place arrowhead on curves produced by various builtin plotting functions.

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Can create a continuous diverging color map starting from any two RGB colors, by converting to linear-RGB, then XYZ, then CIELAB, and finally into Msh, a polar-coordinate version of CIELAB. These color palettes are useful for visualizing data where both large low and high values are interesting, with a well-defined midpoint.

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Draw is an application created entirely with the Wolfram Language. It was designed to produce 2D and 3D technical illustrations.

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A package for visualizing molecules.


Import .obj files with colors and textures.

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Calendar Heat Map plotting function

Usage examples

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A package for creating publication quality figures with Mathematica, created by Mark Caprio. SciDraw is the successor of LevelScheme and excels at creating multipanel figures and various diagrams (including special support for energy level diagrams).

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Drop shadows and specular highlights for 2D graphics. See examples on Mathematica.SE.

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