Mathematica packages that enhance Mathematica's graph capabilities, for example by interfacing with external software.


IGraph/M is a Mathematica package for use in complex networks and graph theory research. It started out as a well-integrated Mathematica interface to igraph, one of the most popular open source network analysis packages available. In addition to exposing igraph functionality to Mathematica, the current version of IGraph/M contains many other functions for working with graphs. Highlights: interface to most igraph functions community detection methods graph layouts computation of centralities for weighted graphs and many other structural properties graph motifs isomorphism and subgraph finding for coloured graphs and multigraphs graph colouring planar graphs and combinatorial embeddings conversion between geometric meshes and graphs proximity graphs a convenient graph property transformation framework for easy... Read more.

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Easily access igraph's R interface through RLink. This package automatically translates back and forth between igraph graphs in R and Mathematica's Graph objects.

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A Mathematica package that contains functions for performing triangle-wye (also delta-wye or ΔY) and wye-triangle (also wye-delta or YΔ) transforms on simple undirected graphs.

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