Mathematica packages that are meant to solve certain types of integrals.


The Cuba library offers a choice of four independent routines for multidimensional numerical integration.

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Semi-Automatic High Energy Physics Computations in Mathematica: HEPMath is a package that facilitates the implementation of computational algorithms for High Energy Physics in Mathematica.

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The HolonomicFunctions package allows to deal with multivariate holonomic functions and sequences. For this purpose the package can compute annihilating ideals and execute closure properties (addition, multiplication, substitutions) for such functions. An annihilating ideal represents the set of linear differential equations, linear recurrences, q-difference equations, and mixed linear equations that a given function satisfies. Summation and integration of multivariate holonomic functions can be performed via creative telescoping. As subtasks, the following functionalities have been implemented in HolonomicFunctions: computations in Ore algebras (noncommutative polynomial arithmetic with mixed difference-differential operators), noncommutative Gröbner bases, and solving of coupled linear systems of differential or... Read more.


RUBI is a RUle Based Integrator. It computes indefinite integrals symbolically.

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