Mathematica packages that are interfaces to external software, bringing their capabilities to Mathematica.


An interface between Clojure and Wolfram Mathematica.

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With FLink computations can be done with the Fermat computer algebra system.

Haskell interface for MathLink

Makes it easy to write Mathematica packages in Haskell. Just write some functions and provide a package specification in a simple DSL that mimics that of Mathematica's mprep utility.


The Mathematica.jl package provides an interface for using Wolfram Mathematica from the Julia language. It is based on MathLink.jl, a MathLink interface for Julia.

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This package provides access to Mathematica's MathLink library from Julia, with convenient wrappers for import Mathematica functions, seamless data conversion etc. It is used as the bases of the Mathematica.jl Julia package.


Call MATLAB form Mathematica with ease

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NetLogo for Mathematica

NetLogo is a modelling environment for agent-based modelling using the Logo programming language. It comes with a Mathematica link that makes it possible to run and analyse models directly from Mathematica.

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Python Interpreter Interface for Mathematica

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RhinoLink is a package for interfacing with the Rhinoceros 3D modelling and CAD software, as well as its Grasshopper visual scripting extension.

With RhinoLink you can:

  • script Rhino with Wolfram Language code
  • create Grasshopper components that encapsulate Wolfram Language code
  • control Rhino content with Wolfram Language interfaces
  • source Rhino geometry from Mathematica
  • include Wolfram Language code directly in Grasshopper structures
  • use Rhino as a geometry server from Wolfram Language

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This packages is for interfacing with the Singular computer algebra system. Singular is an open-source computer algebra system for polynomial computations, with special emphasis on commutative and non-commutative algebra, algebraic geometry, and singularity theory.

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Processing library to harness the power of Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha

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