An interface between Clojure and Wolfram Mathematica.

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With FLink computations can be done with the Fermat computer algebra system.

Format.m: C, FORTRAN77, Maple and TeX Code Generation Package

This package extends Mathematica's built-in format rules. Assignments to expressions and lists are now possible. The package adds definitions Assign, CAssign and FortranAssign and MapleAssign. Many shortcomings of the built-in formatting code have also been addressed, such as the limit on continuation lines in FORTRAN77 and assignments to Expressions. Code optimization is possible via the auxiliary function Experimental`OptimizeExpression and the option AssignOptimize. The options of Experimental`OptimizeExpression, such as OptimizationLevel, can also be passed to the Assign functions. The functions are primarily intended for use with the Splice command. When using Splice, the option FormatType->OutputForm should be specified. Interactive output within a Mathematica session is also possible (see also the AssignToFile option). All expressions are written... Read more.

Usage examples

Haskell interface for MathLink

Makes it easy to write Mathematica packages in Haskell. Just write some functions and provide a package specification in a simple DSL that mimics that of Mathematica's mprep utility.


The Mathematica.jl package provides an interface for using Wolfram Mathematica from the Julia language. It is based on MathLink.jl, a MathLink interface for Julia.

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This package provides access to Mathematica's MathLink library from Julia, with convenient wrappers for import Mathematica functions, seamless data conversion etc. It is used as the bases of the Mathematica.jl Julia package.


Call MATLAB form Mathematica with ease

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A fast client for MongoDB, built on the official MongoDB Java driver.

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Python Interpreter Interface for Mathematica

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Connects Mathematica with Quandl to get financial data.

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HTTP server implemented in Wolfram Language. It evaluates Wolfram Language expressions sent to it via post requests and returns the result.

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