Mathematica packages that deal with $\LaTeX$, anything from including it in plots to exporting Mathematica expressions.


Convert Mathematica cells to TeX code, retaining FrontEnd formatting.

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A package for using LaTeX in Mathematica graphics, legends, plot labels, etc. Ideal for publication quality figures or for matching the style of figure labels with that of LaTeX-generated documents.

Usage examples Paclet

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Transfrom almost everything in you notebook, including text, graphics, formula, citations etc, nicely into a TeX source and precompile it to PDF. Previews are shown inside of the notebook.

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MathPSfrag is a Mathematica package providing a graphics export function that automatically replaces Mathematica expressions in a graphic by the corresponding LaTeX constructs and positions them correctly. It thus facilitates the creation of publication-quality Enscapulated PostScript (EPS) graphics. It can also create LaTeX independent EPS and PDF files for processing with other programs or pdfLaTeX.

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