The Cuba library offers a choice of four independent routines for multidimensional numerical integration.

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FEMAddOns provides additional FEM packages: Domain decomposition DistMesh FEMUtils Domain decomposition is a way to solve a PDE without having to build the system matrix for the full domain. Instead, this method solves the problem on subdomains and iteratively finds the global solution from the local solutions. This requires much less memory than solving the problem over the full domain. DistMesh is a Wolfram Language implementation of the DistMesh mesh generator. FEMUtils provides, at the time of writing, three functions. ElementMeshSmoothing takes as its input an element mesh and outputs a new mesh that has a higher mean quality, StructuredMesh creates structured meshes, and... Read more.


Utilities for creating and manipulating ElementMesh objects.


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An all-compiled-code Nelder-Mead minimizer. See the description on Mathematica.SE.

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