BVH Importer

Visualizes the content of BVH files. BVH files contain recorded motion data, and are visualized by a skeleton reproducing the recorded movements.

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CurvesGraphics6 is a package for drawing parametric, contour or stream curves, or text, on any surface in 3D. It can also place arrowhead on curves produced by various builtin plotting functions.

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Can create a continuous diverging color map starting from any two RGB colors, by converting to linear-RGB, then XYZ, then CIELAB, and finally into Msh, a polar-coordinate version of CIELAB. These color palettes are useful for visualizing data where both large low and high values are interesting, with a well-defined midpoint.

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Dynamo is a suite of Mathematica notebooks that contain code visualizing phase diagrams, vector fields and other graphics related to evolutionary game dynamics.

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A Mathematica package for differential analysis of metabolite profiles. MathDAMP facilitates the visualization of differences between metabolite profiles acquired by hyphenated mass spectrometry techniques. Differences are highlighted by applying arithmetic operations to all corresponding signal intensities from whole raw (automatically preprocessed and normalized) datasets on a datapoint-by-datapoint basis. The results are visualized using density plots.

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Used to draw phase portraits for two-dimensional autonomous dynamical systems.

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