A Mathematica toolbox for solving system of differential equations, fitting coefficients, convolution, and more, with application for modeling Linear and Nonlinear Biokinetic Systems. It includes the current ICRP biokinetic models. It can be applied in pharmacokinetic, internal dosimetry, bioassay evaluations, nuclear medicine and more. This toolbox consist of Mathematica packages and tutorials.

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NetLogo for Mathematica

NetLogo is a modelling environment for agent-based modelling using the Logo programming language. It comes with a Mathematica link that makes it possible to run and analyse models directly from Mathematica.

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xCellerator is a Mathematica package designed to aide biological modeling via the automated conversion of chemical reactions into ODEs and their subsequent solution via numerical integration.

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Simulates cellular automata using the notion of templates introduced in Representing Families of Cellular Automata Rules.

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